Camp Pendleton Paintball Park

Closing permanently June 3rd 2023

Camp Pendleton Paintball Park closing permanently June 3rd 2023. With a heavy heart filled with gratitude and appreciation the Camp Pendleton Paintball Park will close its doors June 3rd 2023. The Paintball Park has been on base for over 2 decades and has overcome many obstacles including a US financial meltdown, a fire that took out half the park and building, a relocation and rebuild and of course a worldwide pandemic. Unfortunately, that last hurdle became just a little too high. With a drastic decrease in business along with an increase to base security the park is no longer a viable business. This includes the tournament side and airsoft operations.

I want to personally thank all our patrons that have made Camp Pendleton Paintball Park their home, it has been a great run and I’m excited to celebrate this next month with everyone”, says Shawn Walker. “I also want to thank Marine Corps Community Services and Camp Pendleton Marine Base for all their support. They have been great partners and continue to be huge allies for the entire region”   The park will have regular hours (Fri, Sat, Sun for walk ins and 7 days a week for private groups) up till and on our last day Saturday June 3rd. We hope you will join us this month in celebration and play “Hamburger Hill” the “Castle” and all our iconic fields one last time!

Weekend Warrior Paintball